Identity Centric Data Security

One Platform for Data Access Security Across Your Environment

CyberDesk helps you to continuously identify, classify, and resolve identity centric data risks, where existing IAM/PAM/IGA solutions are blind.

Use Cases

CyberDesk Bridges the Silos of Identity and Data Security

Smart companies choose CyberDesk to reduce their data security and compliance risks while optimizing their spend.

Green IT

Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Data

CyberDesk facilitates efficient management of legal retention obligations through automated data structuring. It introduces Data Usage Effectiveness (DUE), a scale measuring the actual effectiveness of data usage in organizations, with a score of 1 indicating 100% elimination of non-essential one-way data. This benchmark establishes a standard, assesses process progress, and serves as a valuable digital performance indicator.

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Why Leading Security Teams Choose CyberDesk

CyberDesk is trusted by leading institutions. Join them to maximize your security, compliance, and efficiency.

Stronger Security Discover hidden risks in your data access and achieve Least Privilege

Improved Compliance Become compliant with data-level access controls

Streamlined Access Efficiently manage the lifecycle of human and non-human identities

Simplified Auditing Automate and demonstrate adaptive control in your IT audits

Better Governance Ace the management of ownership, dependencies and retention

Cost-effective Operations Avoid penalties and reduce your spend on unused licenses & computing power

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