Authorization Graph

CyberDesk visualizes via which groups, roles, and permissions your identities – whether human or nun-human – can access your data. Minimize your data exposure before an attack and speed up your investigations after an attack.

Key Features

Minimize Your Data Exposure

Map in a human-readable format who can access which resources, how and why

Surfaces access and permission risks for any identity across your environment

Gain context on effective permissions, usage, ownership, consumers, and dormant entities

Key Benefits

Close Your IAM/PAM Blind Spots

Enforce least privilege principles to minimize your attack surface and reduce data security risks

Meet your compliance requirements like GDPR or ISO27001

Investigate which data could be affected by a compromised account during your incident response


Connect Everything You Need

CyberDesk's ever increasing integrations catalog covers all of your most sensitive data stores and integrates seamlessly into your existing security stack and workflows.

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