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CyberDesk Emerges from Stealth with Identity Centric Data Security Platform

With the migration to the cloud, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to answer crucial questions: Where is my data, who has access to it and is my data still secure? Tracking who can access data in the cloud and how is a complex task due to the large number of users and authorizations in different cloud services. The underlying security processes often run across dozens of systems and different teams, e.g. identity management, vulnerability remediation and incident containment. This complexity increases the risk of security breaches, data leaks and compliance violations. At the same time, increasing regulation such as NIS-2 and DORA demands scalable answers to exactly these issues.

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CyberDesk from Munich, founded by Prabhakar Mishra and Tobias Lieberum, has developed software that helps companies to "manage data securely and comprehensibly for users in cloud solutions".

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Cybersecurity between VC investments and AI technologies

Innovative solutions based on AI and advanced automation technologies are required to guarantee the highest level of security. […] One example of an innovative solution in the field of cloud security is the start-up CyberDesk, which has developed software for the secure and traceable management of company data in the cloud. Co-founder Tobias Lieberum emphasizes the importance of innovative solutions in the field of cloud security: “Cloud computing and AI are fundamentally changing how we work with data. 90 percent of the world’s data has only been created in the last two years. In addition to huge opportunities for data-driven business models, this progress also poses considerable challenges for cyber security.”

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Success with Cloud

Prabhakar Mishra and Tobias Lieberum are working on software designed to help companies secure data and manage it in cloud solutions in a way that users can understand. The two have founded a start-up with which they want to advance their innovative ideas. Their declared goal: to become European champions in this field.

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Secure Data Management in the Cloud

In an increasingly digitalized world, where vast quantities of data are stored in the cloud, the security of sensitive information is a central challenge. It is easy to lose track of where confidential information is uploaded, who has access rights and what risks are entailed. The team at CyberDesk, a start-up established at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), wants to change this. They have developed a software to support companies in managing data securely in cloud solutions and make it easier for users to keep track of them.

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