Lifecycle Management

CyberDesk facilitates seamless onboarding, change boarding, monitoring, and decommissioning of your human and non-human identities.

Key Features

Streamline Your Lifecycle Management

Control adherence to your policies and eliminate deviations, like local users outside your IdP or unrotated secrets

Simulate access provisioning in advance to understand the path of least privilege

Assign data and identity ownership for retention and management decisions close to the business

Key Benefits

Bring Your Security to Life

Speed up your onboarding workflows by giving the right identities the right access at the right time

Improve your security through access minimization, centralization, rotation, and complete offboarding

Document your access management with ease during the next audit


Connect Everything You Need

CyberDesk's ever increasing integrations catalog covers all of your most sensitive data stores and integrates seamlessly into your existing security stack and workflows.

Ready to Get Started?

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