Identity Centric Data Security

Safeguard Data Access Across Human IdentitiesTokensMachine IdentitiesSecretsThird Parties

CyberDesk helps you minimize data exposure while ensuring that the right identities get the right access at the right time, adhering to the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP).

Manage the access security of your human and non-human identities without disrupting your business.


Adaptive Data Access

Cut Through the Complexity of Your Data Access Security

90% of the world's data was only generated in the last two years, resulting in rampant over-provisioning of access rights in most organizations. Without transparency on how your human and non-human identities access your exploding data, you are at risk.

CyberDesk helps you to adaptively control who can take what actions on what data.

We map your identities' access to your resources across systems, enabling adaptive least privilege enforcement, automated remediation, efficient investigations, and smooth management of identity lifecycles. Whether internal or external human users, machines, apps, secrets or services, CyberDesk has you covered.


How CyberDesk Secures Your Data Access Across Human and Non-Human Identities

Inventory & Classification

Discover Your Exposure

Gain comprehensive view of your critical assets in a consolidated single pane of glass.

Discover all human and non-human identities

Discover all data inventory

Classify your inventory for sensitivity

Access Transparency & Management

Map Your Access Landscape

Gain human-readable visibility and context of your identities' access down to the resource level.

Visualize how your identities can access your data

Right-size and review access permissions at data level

Assign owners and responsibilities

Risk Detection & Remediation

Elevate Your Defense

Resolve risks and automate your response with pre-configured remediation plans for streamlined resolution.

Orchestrate your lifecycle management

Detect and mitigate threats across identities and data

Report your security and compliance measures


Connect Everything You Need

CyberDesk's ever increasing integrations catalog covers all of your most sensitive data stores and integrates seamlessly into your existing security stack and workflows.


Identities Are Your Data's Biggest Threat. Until CyberDesk

Explore some of our top use cases.

Least Privilege Access

Eliminate the blind spots in your IAM, PAM & IGA coverage


Automate privacy regulations

Consumption Tracking

Discover and secure NHIs, ShadowAI & Third Party Risks with context awareness

Cyber Resilience

Automatically detect, contextualize and investigate threats


Why Leading Security Teams Choose CyberDesk

CyberDesk is trusted by leading institutions. Join them to maximize your security, compliance, and efficiency.

Stronger Security Discover hidden risks in your data access and achieve Least Privilege

Improved Compliance Become compliant with data-level access controls

Streamlined Access Efficiently manage the lifecycle of human and non-human identities

Simplified Auditing Automate and demonstrate adaptive control in your IT audits

Better Governance Ace the management of ownership, dependencies and retention

Cost-effective Operations Avoid penalties and reduce your spend on unused licenses & computing power

What Our Customers Say About CyberDesk

"We decided for CyberDesk for its unparalleled management of data and identities and comprehensive access control. Their user-friendly platform has empowered us with clarity and direction, making it easy to detect and address access issues and relieve the burden on our internal team. The experience with CyberDesk is really exceptional."

– Michael Siebers, CTO & Co-Founder Holidu

Platform Architecture

The CyberDesk Experience

Our comprehensive solution for identity-centric
data security is built by practitioners for practitioners.

Made in EU

Gain peace of mind that your data remains compliant and safe

Enterprise-Grade Security

CyberDesk's meta-data architecture is built to meet enterprise security standards

Easy Deployment

Deployed within minutes with no changes to your application code

Agentless Integration

Out-of-band architecture with zero impact on application availability or performance

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